Braceface? What are you doing here?

WEATHER: 28 degrees at running time.

MILES: 10, intended to include a 2 x 15-min tempo run but which ended up being just a 10-mile medium-paced wander around Georgetown/Glover Park/Cleveland Park/etc.





I did 10 miles even after a night of semi-quality sleep that involved dreams about being 14 again and dating my freshman-in-high-school boyfriend, who I shall hereinafter call Braces.  Braces was making macaroni and cheese and furthermore informed me that he was buying a parakeet and running off with The Worst Woman to Attend Our High School Ever (hereinafter TWWTAOHSE) (or perhaps just “Bitchtastic”).

Anyway.  It was stressful.

So I didn’t exactly “do” the “tempo” part of my run this morning.  In fact, I mainly just ran in a way that “felt good” and probably ended up “being on average as fast” as a “tempo” “run” might be, any”way.”  Is my hardassery slipping???

Meh.  I did 10 anyway.  And it was chilly.

Also, today’s question — why does the McDonald’s in Adams Morgan play booty music outside at like 6:30 AM?

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by LB on January 6, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    yay! R and i managed to inspire you! writing! funny things! running!

    btw, 6 am in MN has been in the below-0 land for the last week and a half. single digits seems practically balmy.


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