WEATHER: 35-ish, rainy, miserable.

MILES: HOW MANY?  Zero.  That’s how flippin’ many.



WHERE TO: <growl>

MOOD: Hateful


“Dooooooosh!” was the noise I heard this morning as a truck plowed through a mud puddle and coated me in whatever nastiness lurks in DC potholes.  Getting-splashed-by-a-passing-car is one of those iconic “girl-in-the-big-city” images that is much less madcap and carefree and comedic than it appears on TV sitcom credits and much more homicide-inspiring, really.

Of course, my kickass knee injury didn’t help the situation, and I continued wandering to church, now in a coat heavy with chock-full-of-TB-and-scabies puddle water in addition to the dull ache in my left knee.  The mere fact that I went and sat through an hour-and-a-half church service even while wet and dirty and tired and hurt I think entitles me to one free healing-zap from Jesus’ magic finger.  Please direct it at my left patella, yo.

But I did go buy some ibuprofen, a knee elastic compression thingy, and super-ultimate-feel-better-juice (a.k.a. Diet Coke) after church and call the-most-comforting-person-ever (a.k.a. Mom), who pointed out that at least this is happening now and not in March or April.  True enough.  And I can probably withstand training on an elliptical machine for a few days.  Also true.  So.  The old Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation-Thesis-work-Cry rotation might be what I’m up to for a few days.  <grrrr.>

(Also in that Midwestern-it-could-always-be-worse vein, and also in an I-hope-this-doesn’t-sound-too-sanctimonious vein, my housemate (who is a do-gooder and knows a lot about these things) says that these people are awesome.  Donate money to Haiti.  OK.)


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