Writing in the usual template depresses me.  And we need a new one for my current situation anyway.


PAIN LOCATION: Left kneecap region

PAIN ON A SCALE OF 1-10: 3, but nagging.

OTHER SYMPTOMS: Slight clicking when I bend and straighten it, though maybe that was always there.  Also ennui, anger, remorse, shame, nausea.

HURTS WHEN I: Walk down stairs, sit with it bent for long periods of time, run, jog to campus in my high heels to jam one of said heels into the eye of a certain grad school advisor, think about how much I miss running <whimper, sob> and probably brought this on myself.

HURTS SORT OF WHEN I: Elliptical, stationary bike.

DOESN’T HURT WHEN I: Walk, sit with it straightened, jam a high heel into a professor’s eye, bake cookies.

TREATMENT: Osteo Bi-Flex, ice, complaining, crying.  Possible yoga tomorrow morning, but…come on.  I believe it was Kierkegaard who put it best.  “Yoga???  I mean, I guess, but…ugh.  Yoga.”


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