Another Moment of Grace and Elegance.

WEATHER: 45ish and super-windy.

MILES: 8 or 9

WHERE TO: The Mall, up Rock Creek Parkway a little, back home.

MOOD: Delightful but frazzled.


Today I ran into an SUV.  No, it did not run into me; I ran into it. It was pulling off of the ramp from Pennsylvania Ave. onto Rock Creek Parkway, and it stopped short just at the end of the ramp instead of gracefully merging onto the Parkway.  I, expecting the merge, said, “<thump>.”  Or, rather, my torso said it as it smacked into the rear of the vehicle.  I’m sure the driver was weirded out.  Or, more precisely, freaked out.

Yes, driver, I hit your car.  I’d be sorry but I’m more just in awe of my own intelligence and coordination.

That is all.


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