Recovering from Injury! (Stage 8)

Rest in peace, little buddy. I hardly deserved you.

WEATHER: Coolish (75 maybe?) but humid as all get out.



WHERE TO: Metropolitan Branch Trail, Catholic U, Howard U Reservoir, etc.

MOOD: Exhausted from a long weekend involving 24 hours of epic food poisoning, a subsequent ice cream binge, a too-long post-food-poisoning Sunday long run, and a Grey’s Anatomy binge (which, like the 4 servings of ice cream, feels so right at the time, until you feel dirty and wish you hadn’t)


Recovering from Injury: Stage 8 — Leaving your iPod in the little gel-pouch on your running shorts and thus accidentally running the little fellow through the washing machine

Sigh.  Happens to the best dimmest of us.  <muffled sob>

Please, drop what you’re doing today and observe a few moments of silence for Little Blue.  He played a damn good Enrique tune.


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