FREE SHIT! (and other important running news)

Need a coach? Ask one of these beefcakes. Mmmmmmm. Or just read to the end of the post.

WEATHER: Humid and hot



WHERE TO: Carter Barron, 16th Street, Columbia Heights, etc.

MOOD: Productive!


My dearest readers, you have slogged through my posts long enough without getting anything in return, other than the occasional wang-related joke or minorly helpful running-related tip (a.k.a. Powerade = Satan).  But now I give you a new feature on the blog, which will be a weekly thing, I swear:

ACTUALLY HELPFUL RUNNING-RELATED NEWS (with a special reward of running-related booty! and not the fun kind! at the end of this particular installation).

Let’s begin.  ITEM NUMBER ONE:

  • The JFK 50-Miler is open for applicants. Sign up today!  Your toenail beds will thank you for how you are about to liberate them from the oppression of — you know — being covered by nails.
  • Can you up your mileage by more than 10 percent a week?  You most certainly can!  EAT IT, “sensible” physical therapist-types.
  • We have a new favorite-running-album.  Buy it and enjoy.
  • Over at Runner’s World (yeah, OK, the Disney/Microsoft/Wal-Mart of the running universe, but still)…Amby Burfoot tells us all (rightly) to calm the hell down about Christopher McDougall, and everything else about foot-striking, etc.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: IT’S TIME FOR FREE STUFF FOR YOU.  The peeps over at Jiwok (see the corporate sponsorship page) have asked me to review their mp3 training programs.  And in return, my lovely and deserving readers can get free mp3 training programs of their very own by simply heading to the Jiwok Facebook page.  According to the lovely Tracey, who has patiently waited for me to both overcome injury and then finally get the time to blog about her company, while only occasionally sending me flaaaamingly angry e-mails (at, in case you were wondering) (bahahaha just kidding, Tracey-dawg.  We’re cool.), Running Log readers “can ‘like’ Jiwok and get a month’s free trial membership, they just have to write on our Facebook wall and tell me you sent them!” So there you go.  Go to their page, say DJ sent you, don’t get too intimidated by the fact that it’s written in French, and they’ll send you further instructions.  And once you’ve discovered their delicious mp3-y goodness, you can read my review (forthcoming!) and see if you agree with me, or if I’m just completely way off-base and have sold out and am telling you that it cures cancer just so they’ll send me gold-plated mp3 programs in the future.
  • I touched your face while you slept last night.

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