This Week in (What I Deem to Be) Running News

"The Running Log is finally on Facebook? MY WORK IS COMPLETE! We add no one else!" (photo courtesy of

WEATHER: Like running in boiling cream-of-mushroom soup.

MILES: 5.5

MILES THIS WEEK: 28 or so…

WHERE TO: Malcolm X Park, Howard U Reservoir, etc.

MOOD: Meh.



Once again, it’s time for your weekly running news briefs (a.k.a. weekly low-effort post). KABLAMMO!

  • We have a Facebook page! Check it out, friend it, like it, lick it, and tell your friends. 25 fans and apparently I get some sort of special status or new sword or something.
  • It has come to my attention that there is, in fact, an English Jiwok page.  So go HERE and like Jiwok and get your free trial.
  • Softer surfaces are better for your joints?  SHENANIGANS, say researchers!
  • Running Times explains everything you ever wanted to know about running when it’s vomit-and-die hot out.
  • OH sweet Jesus. I have discovered that Runner’s World (and mediocre-unnecessarily-feminized-fluff-factory herself Kristin g.d. Armstrong) has a book out FOR WOMEN RUNNERS ONLY!  Girls, put on your pink Susan G. Komen ribbons and shove your tits into a $90 Lululemon sports bra and grab some tissues, because we’re about to learn about running via chapters about “Friendship, Gratitude, Healing, Balance, and Motherhood” (and apparently also “Unnecessary Capitalization”).  Somehow I’m betting that none of the other chapters focus on “Ass-Kicking” or “The Sweet Pain of Mid-Run Blister Poppage” or “The Thrill of Humiliating Your Competition.” FAIL.
  • BLOG OF THE WEEK: Girl in Motion, who gets the badass award for appearing to be fast, hardcore, and not all “ooooh, look at me!” about it.  Plus her blog is actually informative and useful.  Unlike, you know, some other blogs we know of <cough, cough>.
  • USEFUL WEBSITE OF THE WEEK:, which has all the resources that a crazy could ever want: race calendars, training plans, graphic blister discussions, etc.
  • Are you pumped for JFK 50 already?  ME TOO!

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