This Week in Running News, Vol. 4


WEATHER: A bit humid, warm.

MILES: 10.5


WHERE TO: Your face.

MOOD: Good enough.


So I had said I was going to blog every day, and I have failed in that quest.  Though in my defense, I’ve been busily cross-training in the last few days, and my forearms and wrists have been very tired.  Yoga?  No.  Weight-lifting?  Nope.  Madly bailing out my flooded apartment twice in the same weekend, using many buckets and sopping up the excess with every bath towel I own, then wringing out said towels and repeating this process seven billion times?  Yes!  How did you ever guess?  Combine that with many heated phone conversations with the landlord, and you have quite the workout.  Go ahead — call your landlord and yell, “THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE LIVING SITUATION!” several dozen times.  You’ll feel great, yes, but spent.

Oy.  So anyway, mileage is ramping up, and we’re still on the training horse.  And since I’m tired and it’s been more than a week, it’s time for yet another installation of:


Blog of the week: This time around it’s Remain Running, a delightful blog that bills itself as “the average runners blog.”  A lovely, straightforward, informative blog from someone who’s just working to stay motivated.  Also, he linked to me.  Attaboy!

Does cross-training really do you any good?  NYT’s Personal Best blog says no.

…Are you SURE it doesn’t help?  Runner’s World gives the lukewarmest, mushiest response ever to NYT’s article.  Way to take a stand, respectable running publication.  You just got served by the Grey Lady.

I’m still not good at running clubs.  Tuesday night I gave the Logan Circle Pacers running club a try.  Lovely group of people, varied range of paces.  “What a great way to make friends and train alongside some fellow runners!” I thought.  “I wonder if any of them are training for- BLAAAAAAAGH I MUST DESTROY THEM!” I continued, entering scary-competitive mode.  “NO ONE PASSES ME WITHOUT JUMPING ABOARD THE PAIN TRAIN!”  Which is a lie, because several did pass me.  And they looked like they were not aboard the pain train.  Not at all.

Rick Perry packs heat while he runs.  My first response: “Ah Gov. Perry. He sure does appreciate the 2nd amendment.”  Then I read this passage: “Most gun-and-run enthusiasts in Internet chat rooms, however, seem more concerned about attacks by humans than by wild animals. The Explainer is unaware of any statistical analysis of attacks against runners, but sexual assaults and other crimes against female runners appear to be depressingly common.”  My revised response: “This is the sanest idea I have ever heard in my life.”

Too many long runs?  SACRILEGE, I say.  But apparently there is such a thing (for sissies).

Olympic Trials training continues. Sometimes I like to run down the Crescent Trail, just singing this at the top of my lungs.  I actually called the U.S. Olympic headquarters this week, just to let them know that they can reserve one of their super-intense-training-camp dorm rooms for me.  “What sport, now?” said the receptionist.


“Wait, what?” she said.  “Is that even a-”

“BUMMMMM, BUMMMMM, DUH-DUH,…<etc.>” I said, bursting into song again, just to make sure she understood my patriotism and dedication.

London, here I come.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I am the last line in the times article – by cross training, I spend less time running, the idea being that I’ll lower the likelihood of overuse injury. Although I think spin classes have helped my running endurance and hill-tackling capabilities.

    Rick Perry is not a female runner!


    • Posted by DJ on August 19, 2011 at 8:57 am

      Yes, and honestly I think I need cross-training mentally as well, to avoid completely burning out and wanting to just punch a kitten when I roll out of bed and have to run YET AGAIN.


  2. Posted by matteus on August 27, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Miiii Sooooo Do Re Mi Do Re, Re-Re Re, Re-Re Do-DoRe-Mi-Do Reeeeee. Singin along with you there.


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