Hi.  I’m DJ, and I’m a 28-year-old runnerlady with pretty toenails and the need to tell you about my life.  Also, I’m signed up for the 2011 JFK 50-Miler, so you can just go ahead and get used to listening to me prattle on about it until late November.  At which point I shall turn my attentions to eating a full jelly-roll pan of stuffing in one sitting.

Yup. That's more or less how I look.

As recent events have shown me that my true calling in life is to kill mice in sometimes horrifying ways, this picture essentially shows me as I am 90 percent of the time–standing in the sunshine with a bloody rodent carcass and also the Directors’ Cut of Field of Dreams.


I run all sorts of races, from marathons to ultramarathons (…so…two sorts of races).  And 10Ks, but only if you get me drunk and whisper sweet, soothing nothings to me first.  So running has slowly taken over large chunks of my life over the last few years.  And now through my blog it will take over chunks of YOUR LIFE TOO AHAHAHAHAHA.  I like peanut butter, baking, reading the New Yorker, repeatedly falling off the vegetarian wagon, fast men, bourbon, judging your music tastes, and the way you look in those jeans.

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  2. Hi, nice to meet you !


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