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Running and the Economy: Part 1

The sky is falling. Everybody panic. But run 10 miles first. (Image source:

WEATHER: Delightfully cool and drizzly and fall-like!

MILES: 10.5

MILES THIS WEEK: Disturbing.

WHERE TO: A destination a little up the road from the habitations of the towns we know.

MOOD: Complacent.

TODAY’S RUNNING SONG: (h/t: the illustrious C.)



I apologize for having been absent for a week and a half. As you may have guessed from the last post, I have been in emotion-land. By which I mean minorly-but-chronically-sort-of-feeling-like-ass land, due to living in a flood-prone, mushroom-and-fly-infested hole. I don’t know about you, but in the Republic of DJ, emotions make a girl stop blogging, yes, but also stop applying for freelance positions, socializing, and wanting to do anything other than having Arrested-Development-fest 2011 on her bed, which is still up on bricks (the bed), along with all of her other furniture, due to Hurricane Irene preparations.

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Climbing Every Effing Mountain

Here. Eat these and write a blog post.

WEATHER: Cooler but still warm.  90?  Something like that.

MILES: 5.5

MILES THIS WEEK: 30?  Something like that.

WHERE TO: Dupont, Mass Ave, etc.

MOOD: Disconcertingly emotional


My dear readers, it strikes me that in order to succeed at anything, be it running or maintaining a blog that has amazingly not yet received any cease-and-desist orders from Nike, the Reston Runners, or any 5K fun runs, and indeed has yet to receive any sexual harassment complaints from (those hot little biscuits down at) Pacers Running Stores

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