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For Once, I Care What You Think.

Stupid parole board. Always calling at suppertime.

WEATHER: Coooolder than it ever gets in DC.  Which doesn’t really matter, because…



WHERE TO: Buttoned in at the family homestead in Iowa.

MOOD: Snug and well-fed and well-slept and rested and so on.



OK, team.  After my last post, one of the interns here at The Running Blog took a look at the dashboard and saw that we had our MOST HITS EVER!  Ka-freaking-POW!  And now I’m thinking that maybe, if there are new visitors and new traffic, I should tidy up the place…pick up my smelly sports bras, throw out the old Hustler issues, clean the mayo off the wall, and so on.  And also do a new paint job…a.k.a. change the blog theme.

OR maybe I’m crazy.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…just let sleeping dogs lie…don’t beat a dead horse…necessity is the mother of invention…loneliness is the cousin of LOLcat websites…erm…

Anyway, I love you and value your opinions. And also, I’m doing my annual week-of-resting-my-weary-ass legs, so I have nothing running-related to talk to you about.  So do allow me to ask:

Vote early, vote often!  Leave suggestions in the comments!  Hug your monitor!

Readying my DC-running-themed New Year’s Resolutions,