There is a whole host of reasons why you might want to contact me.  Maybe you have a question but are too lazy to go to the Ask a Runner portion of my site.  Maybe you are too shy to voice your questions in front of the class.  Maybe you want me to stop hating on Camelbaks or Nikes or the fantastically stupid phenomenon of running skirts (to which the answers are: no, no, and helllls no).  Maybe you want to ease my writers’ block and give me post ideas.  Maybe you want to paint my toenails.  Maybe you want me to paint your toenails.  Now you’re talkin’!  So.  Contact me at:

E-mail: [at]


Twitter: @therunninglog

…and see if I get back to you.  I probably will, because the five of you out there are really quite loyal.

Want to meet me in person?  Fly to DC and just follow the delectable scent of mocha Clif shots and vodka.  Where I’m from, we mix ’em in a Dixie Cup and shoot ’em and call it a Marathon Mammerjammer.  You’ll call it gooooood eatin’.

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