Get superfreakingpumped.

And now, a page full of songs that you NEED RIGHT NOW in order to get you superpumped to go out and run like a gajillion miles.  Download them right now.  But from Amazon; those iTunes fascists won’t let you share, and where is the fun in that?  Up Steve Jobs’ hoohah, that’s where.  Ungh.

Your latest selection:

Mumford and Sons — “Little Lion Man”

1) They’re British.

2) An electric guitar — PLAYED WITH A BOW.  Neeeeato!

3) It’s fast-paced.

4) Lots of f-bombs!

Of course I love this song.


Past selections:

Arrested Development — “Tennessee”

File under “songs I was way, way, waaaaayyyy too young to appreciate when my elementary-school eyes first saw them performed on SNL or saturday-morning-videos.”  Delightful for putting you in an excellent mood mid-jog, and also for making you challenge a fellow runner to a game of horseshoes (“a game of HORSESHOOOOOES!”). Plus when you rock this jam at your next party, you will get INSTANT retro-awesome-music cred from the snob in the room.  Score!  Bonus pointsss.  But don’t hit that.  No, just don’t.  Stop.  STOPPIT.  Step away from the wannabe DJ.  Girl, no, no, NOOOOO!  DON’T BRUSH HIS EMO BANGS COMBOVER OUT OF HIS EYES now he will follow you back to your place and judge your iTunes collection aloud and leave you in a crumpled heaving heap of tears when he declares the Glee version of “Teenage Dream” to be “a pedestrian monstrosity.”  Oh good God.  You asked for it.


The Breeders — “Cannonball”

Early 1990s alt-rock isn’t usually running-conducive for me.  It more makes me want invent a time machine and go back to convince 8-year-old Eddie Vedder that he should maybe, oh, I dunno, become an engineer or a nurse or preschool teacher…anything that does not involve subjecting humanity to his angsty, gutteral strains.  I suppose I’d give Kurt Cobain a big “everything is OK” hug while I was at it.  But oooooh, this song.  It makes me stand at the starting line, twitching and impatient and ready to just FREAKOUT and not wait for the gun but sprint over the line well in advance, screaming, “LEEEEEEROOOOYYYYY JENKIIIIINS!”  I’m sure you understand.


Neko Case — “This Tornado Loves You”

Yeah, OK.  So alt-country is usually best listened to in a college dorm room about 6 years ago with some attractive future-hipster boy you’re trying to impress.

“Yeeessss, of COURSE Wilco is changing humanity for the better,” you agree with his droning platitudes as you sip your $5 double-chocolate-oatmeal-cinnamon-frankincense stout (and while we’re on the topic, FIVE DOLLARS?  Are you kidding me?) and dream of kegstanding the shit out of some Stroh’s somewhere.

But Neko is where it’s at, y’all, especially this song.  Go see her in concert and fall in love.  And in the meantime, run to this kickin’ jam.

The White Stripes — “My Doorbell” (

The Raconteurs — “Salute Your Solution” (

Tenacious D — “Tribute” (

Janelle Monae feat. Big Boi — “Tightrope” (

Xena Warrior Princess Theme (

The Doobie Brothers — “China Grove” (

Lil’ Mama — “Lip Gloss” (

Foo Fighters — “My Hero” (

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