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Ask a Runner! (Cold Weather Edition)

L-l-l-lobster dawwwwg!

WEATHER: Grey and damp and nasty.

MILES: 0.  Because I just don’t care.

MILES THIS WEEK: OMG sooooo apathetic right now.

WHERE TO: This here chair.

MOOD: Hrmph.


Mother nature splorted DC with a giant dumping of slushy poop on Wednesday.  That slushy poop hardened into a thick crust of slippery-yet-grainy yuck shortly thereafter.  All this led up to yesterday morning’s run, during which I was forced to run on the DC streets and get honked at repeatedly by cars, all of which were gunning for me even more than usual, because heaven forbid I run in the parking lane, which was clearly made for driving 75 mph and not parking.  Der.  Anyway, you see, every sidewalk was covered in the Hellcrust, as salt and shovels have yet to be introduced to this crude society.  I should introduce these wondrous tools to the DC people.  I’ll make millions.

But first, it’s time for your favorite column:

ASK A RUNNER! (Cold weather edition)

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