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Grandma’s Marathon: The UNOFFICIAL Race Review [Guest Post]

7% of these people are triathletes. 100% of them have complexes about it.

Dear Humble Readers of The Running Log,

I have been tasked with offering a counterpoint to DJ’s race review (see the last post). As an amateur blogger and former resident of Washington, DC, I fancy myself an expert on most every topic. So why not add marathons to my repertoire, right? Right.




Once upon a time, there was a Grandma’s Marathon….

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The Official Pre-Grandma’s-Marathon Rituals

Things we do pre-Grandma’s Marathon:

  • Stop on the drive up at Pump-N-Munch.  Because it’s called “Pump-N-Munch.”

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Creating New Habits: The Pre-Race Expo

Urge to run away rising...rising...

WEATHER: Prettiest day in weeks.  85-ish and not-that-humid.



WHERE TO: Around.

MOOD: Nervous.


Tomorrow I fly to the great Midwest to take part, once again, in Grandma’s Marathon, a grand northern Minnesota tradition.  And so C. and I will trek to the great north woods and make the annual Two-Harbors-to-Duluth journey.

But first, we have to go to the pre-race expo.

The pre-race expo is a magical place, a place full of joy and informative talks about pre-race nutrition and amazing discounts on name-brand running gear. It’s an all-out running geekfest, where elites and novices alike come together to celebrate one of mankind’s greatest and oldest pastimes.

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