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Gimme a Head with Hair…

WEATHER: 35 and beautiful.

MILES: 7.5



MOOD: In the mood to detoxify.


Having to push back this week’s long run until tomorrow, when S. is available to drag me through it, I did a happy, watch-free, 7.5 miles today.  Now I just have to shower and pretty myself up for a birthday party tonight, for my lovely lady friend, Texas…a birthday party at which I will not drink, in the hopes of not vomming on S.’s shoes tomorrow and — probably even more importantly — making it out to Rosslyn at 8:30 in order to even run w/ him in the first place.

Speaking of getting prettied up, I hereby show you the result of another New Year’s resolution (aside from training extra-awesomely for Boston and blogging daily about it): LONG HAIR!


I like this resolution — so much so, in fact, that I’ve made it two years in a row: end the year with longer hair than how I began the year.  It’s nice because it allows me to just sit there, which is a far cry from running (definitelly NOT “just sitting there”) and blogging (just sitting there, taking pictures of the insides of my nostrils/mouth with my compy’s built-in camera, tapping a word every few minutes).  See, a few years ago, in a typical post-break-up freak-out, I chopped all my hair off into a kicky little pixie cut, which became, to be honest, what I referred to as “built-in birth control.”  Cutesy and low-maintenance?  Sure.  Slow-motion unnecessarily-sensual Pantene-commercial honest-to-God attractive, or even flattering?  Aw, HELL no.

And while one should never — but NEVER — do something just to please the men-folk (or women-folk, as one’s proclivities may lean), one doesn’t want to feel like a troll.  Or for one’s hair to contribute even more to one’s androgynous look (if, that is, one does not want to look androgynous, not that there’s anything wrong with that), already firmly established by one’s A-cup-ness and lack of hips.  Which (bringing it back to running) DO make running more pleasant (or so my well-endowed peers tell me), I suppose.

Was this post only marginally about running?  Yes.  No worries — I’ll be back to talking about heavy breathing and Body Glide in due time.  Oh, and running, too.