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I’m going to Hell. I know this.

This guy? He's got WHEELS.

WEATHER: Humid but relatively nice.

MILES: 32.


WHERE TO: Everywhere.

MOOD: Pumped.


I keep meaning to go to church more often…really, I do…but my Sunday morning long runs have started spooling out longer and longer than expected, leaving me in a sweaty heap on the living room floor, leaking puddles of sweat that run the length of the house.

“See you after worship, heathen!” chirp my housemates, slipping past and cursing me for being so genetically predisposed to grossness.

Tomorrow I will make it.  Really, I will.  And I will include in my confession an apology for the below post, which shows you all of the religious texts you NEVER KNEW EXISTED that deal with running.  It’s a holy practice, everyone.  It will make you closer to God/Goddess/The Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I promise.

So here goes:

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