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The Grand Struggle Continues (a.k.a. Why I Do Not Do Triathlons)

Psssshhh. Whatever. You're having WAY more fun than these losers.

WEATHER: Beautiful!  85ish and non-humid and beautiful!  Tralala!

MILES: 15ish.



MOOD: Fantastically excited.


Today we started the hardcore tapering, meaning that this week’s long run was under 20 miles.  Yeah, it disturbs me, too.  But that’s how it goes when you have 13 DAYS UNTIL RACE DAY!  Ohhhh I can’t breathe for the vast quantity of excitement coursing through my veins right now (that and the lack-of-blood-sugar in said veins, as I am waiting patiently at the Apple store for my files to alll back up onto a hard drive and I will have to wait here much longer, apparently, and I haven’t eaten in forever, so that is sort of fiddling with my bodily/breathing/metabolic functions as well) (anyway).

Grandma’s Marathon in 2 weeks.  I am running it this time with the illustrious C., whom you may remember from blogposts of yore.  And if you don’t, you are not sufficiently loyal and you can go straight to hell allow me to give you a quick rundown: C. is a delightful person w/ whom I went to college, and who is now doing Ironmans.

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For Once, I Care What You Think.

Stupid parole board. Always calling at suppertime.

WEATHER: Coooolder than it ever gets in DC.  Which doesn’t really matter, because…



WHERE TO: Buttoned in at the family homestead in Iowa.

MOOD: Snug and well-fed and well-slept and rested and so on.



OK, team.  After my last post, one of the interns here at The Running Blog took a look at the dashboard and saw that we had our MOST HITS EVER!  Ka-freaking-POW!  And now I’m thinking that maybe, if there are new visitors and new traffic, I should tidy up the place…pick up my smelly sports bras, throw out the old Hustler issues, clean the mayo off the wall, and so on.  And also do a new paint job…a.k.a. change the blog theme.

OR maybe I’m crazy.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…just let sleeping dogs lie…don’t beat a dead horse…necessity is the mother of invention…loneliness is the cousin of LOLcat websites…erm…

Anyway, I love you and value your opinions. And also, I’m doing my annual week-of-resting-my-weary-ass legs, so I have nothing running-related to talk to you about.  So do allow me to ask:

Vote early, vote often!  Leave suggestions in the comments!  Hug your monitor!

Readying my DC-running-themed New Year’s Resolutions,